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1288 "L"

Nuffield Radio Astronomy Laboratory
laboratory astrophysics
laboratory source
laboratory spectrum
Lagrange's equations
Lagrangian point
Lα- radiation
λ/4 criterion
λ/8 criterion
Λ(-type) doubling
S, Λ-
Lambert law
Lamb(-Rutherford) shift
laminar stream
tungsten lamp
Lande (g-)formula
Lande g-Value
Lande interval rule
Lande's splitting factor
soft landing
lunar landscape
dust lane
Lanphier shutter
lanthanum eyepiece
lanthanum glass
pitch lap
Laplace's operator
La Plata observatory
Laporte rule
adiabatic lapse rate
universe in the large
large-aperture telescope
large-area photomultiplier
Very large array
large binocular telescope
large diameter source
large flare
large flare event
large microwave outbursts
Atacama large millimeter array
large observatory
large outburst
large outbursts of microwave radiation
large radio telescope
large reflector
large-scale galactic motions
large-scale motions
large-scale structure
the largest optical telescope
Very Large Telescope
large transit
large zenith telescope
Larmor frequency
Larmor precession
Las Campanas observatory
ruby laser
laser collimator
laser spark
La Silla observatory
last quarter
last stage
latent image
lateral angle
lateral refraction
lateral support assembly
late spectral types
late(-type) stars
ecliptic latitude
true latitude at date
latitude difference
latitude distribution
latitude observations
latitude of exposure
at low latitudes
latitude service
latitude stars
latitude station
lattice arrangement
lattice vibrations
Laue pattern
launching vehicle
lava bed
lava crater
lava flow
lava pool
Wien's law
photographic reciprocity law failure
law of areas
law of Bunsen and Roscoe
law of darkening
Hartley's law of doublet separating
Newton's law of gravitation
alternation law of multiplicities
law of polarity
law of refraction
law of universal gravitation
law of zones
Fred Lawrence Whipple observatory
Kirchhoff's laws
laws of planetary motion
Appleton layer
solar model in deeper layers
leader spot
leading edge
leading spot
leading sunspot
lead sulphide cell
leap month
leap year
circle of least confusion
least squares fit
least squares method
least-squares solution
solar(-spectrum) ledger
legal day
Legendre function
Fried's coherence length
lengthening of the day
length of exposure
transfer lens
lens antenna
lens astrograph
lens auxiliary lens
lens carrier
lens cell
lens curvature
lens distortion
lens distortion correction
lens efficiency
lens-mirror camera
lens power
single lens reflex camera
lens shutter
lens speed
lens system
meniscus lens with concentric surfaces
significance level